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 (Hong Kong) Fung Lee Elastic Weaving Fty. Ltd. Is the production and business operation elastic weaving product specialized company, in Hong Kong in elastic waving industry for more than 30 years of history, the company headquarters is located in 9/F., Block A, Wah Lok Ind. Centre, 37-41 Fo Tan Shan Mei Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong (own property), for many years, the company network A number of outstanding professional technology, management and marketing personnel, and all over the world with many famous brand product the user has maintained A long-term cooperation.The company in mainland China has owned by the production base- Dong guan Fung Lee Elastic Weaving Fty., Ltd.(Hong Kong) Fung Lee Elastic Weaving Fty. Ltd. has 2 sales department and be responsible for Fung Lee elastic webbing the products are sold to all over the world.For many years, the company Fung Lee elastic webbing for the world famous brand of women's underwear many, fashion, sports equipment, medical equipment, photographic equipment, and other products that provide plenty of matching elastic webbing, Fung Lee elastic webbing of products, in the industry to enjoy a high reputation.

Dongguan Fung Lee Elastic Weaving Fty., Ltd.is the international similar Elastic Weaving industry production of the larger one of enterprise, the company (factory) is located in Dong guan, Guangdong, China, covering an area of ten thousand square meters and a building area of twenty thousand square meters. The company has adopted Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, and other countries and regions and mainland China joint venture production Weaving machine hundreds of other sets of equipment, including: high speed machine is 156 sets, woven fabrics high-speed computer jacquard weaves the machine has 148 sets, knitting machine has 45 sets, Italy OMM yam covering machine10sets and other has 8 sets, weaves the machine joint dyeing production line has 11 sets, weaves test instrument several sets, the company mainly workshop are equipped with central air-conditioning. The company can the annual output of various spandex elastic webbing , jacquard mention the word is taken over two thousand tons of products such as elastic webbing , most of the products exported.

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